Important Safety Tips For Travelers

safety tips for travel

We all embark on a trip with a lot of excitement and expectations. However, all it takes is a small incident to ruin our meticulously planned trip. For this very reason, we share five safety tips so your trips come up to be more than you ever imagined:

Take Care of Your Money

We all are different and so are our preferences. Some travellers prefer to carry their bank cards while there are others who feel more comfortable carrying cash with them. Whatever your preference is, security and protection should be your top priority.

It’s always better to store your cards or cash in the Hotel’s safe. Keep only the amount of cash that you might need for the day.  Never leave your cash in your hotel room in an easily accessible drawer. Other tips to keep your money safe are:
- Find out good hiding places like some slip pocket in your luggage.
- Divide your money among your trip mates

Scan your Documents

Carrying important documents is essential for your trip. However, the safety of your documents is also a matter of concern. To keep your documents safe while you are travelling, always store them in the hotel safe along with your cash. We also recommend you to scan them and send them to your email with a copy to a family member or trustworthy person. We also recommend saving an additional copy on a USB device, so that you can carry it with you at all times, especially in case of an emergency.

Keep your Backpack Secure

With the thrill of exploring and photographing a new place, you can often forget to close or secure your backpack properly. This is a sure shot way of losing your belongings. Worse yet, you may get robbed on the bus or train. Always keep an eye on your backpack and make sure it is always closed. You can never be too safe.

Emergency Number

Having an emergency number is vital on every trip. Before embarking on your journey, save the numbers of your near and dear ones on your phone and on a separate piece of paper. It is also important to keep the emergency number of the places you are about to visit, especially those of medical services, firemen, and police.

Travel Insurance

Accidents, illnesses, and other eventualities can happen at the least expected moment and there is nothing worse than having to interrupt a trip for some such untoward incident. Therefore, it is very important that you buy a travel insurance. This will protect you and ensure that your adventure is not ruined by anything. Make sure the travel insurance you choose covers everything starting from baggage to all medical expenses. 

On the street safety tips:

- Bring a color photocopy of your identification document, leaving the original in a safe place (such as the hotel safe).
- Carry only the essential belongings and that too safely. Also divide your cash between the purse, the pockets, and the purse.
- Always use zippered handbags.
- Never lose sight of your belongings - in restaurants or bars, do not leave the bag with your belongings on the table or hanging from the chair.
- Try not to walk through dimly lit and lonely streets.
- If you find yourself being followed or threatened, go into a safe place where there are other people (such as a restaurant), and if necessary call the police or dial the emergency number.

To avoid crime (theft or robbery), leave your valuables and documents in the hotel safe or, if you rent a house, keep it in a difficult to reach place. When you go out on the street, carry just the essentials - the money you will use that day and identification documents (not originals, of course, carry photocopies).

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